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HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational institution that trains individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals. HSTi is dedicated to provide quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time. Our industry-focused courses and curricula are designed to properly train and educate students interested at an affordable cost in the many allied health or business programs we offer.

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At HealthStaff, the success of students is our first priority. For that reason, our Education staff plays a very important role in helping students explore the opportunities that may be right for them, and we want to make sure they have all of the information they need. Job placement is one of our key successes for our students and HealthStaff ensures that each student graduate is given the opportunity for just that. As our Education and Externship staff will find a compatible externship site for each student, we are also here to assist you in finding employment for your future. With the assistance of our Education and Externship staff, HealthStaff has bridged the professional practices to our education platform providing an easier transition for our graduates.

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    Jacqueline W.

    ‹‹ After being laid off of my job of 25 years I returned to my passion; helping people with substance abuse problems, and HealthStaff Training Institute was there to provide all of the education and training that I would need. The staff at Healthstaff was very friendly, helpful, and supportive; they cared about me as an individual, as well as my becoming a great counselor. Thanks to Healthstaff I was hired by the facility where I did my internship a week before graduating. My experience at Healthstaff is invaluable and has changed my life. I now have a very rewarding career; helping people gain sobriety and live productive lives!»