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    Drug & Alcohol Counseling
    Clinical & Administrative Medical Asst.
    Administrative Medical Assistant
    Clinical Medical Assistant
    Computerized Office & Accounting
    Pharmacy Technician

    Superior Education

    With an innovative approach, Healthstaff has grown from an upstart to become an educational leader providing classes on and offline leading the way in education.

    Financial Aid

    You deserve a quality education at an affordable price. Healthstaff has many financial options to help you finance your education. Our Education Loan Consultants can help you select the right plan of action for you. For more information, contact us.


    Jacqueline W.

    ‹‹ After being laid off of my job of 25 years I returned to my passion; helping people with substance abuse problems, and HealthStaff Training Institute was there to provide all of the education and training that I would need. The staff at Healthstaff was very friendly, helpful, and supportive; they cared about me as an individual, as well as my becoming a great counselor. Thanks to Healthstaff I was hired by the facility where I did my internship a week before graduating. My experience at Healthstaff is invaluable and has changed my life. I now have a very rewarding career; helping people gain sobriety and live productive lives!»